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URGENT: GOP States Quietly Adopting “Vaccine Passports” a.k.a. SMART Health Passes

ACT NOW to help end mass population control and tracking via digital health cards, a.k.a. vax passports.

The Stop Vax Passports Task Force warns the free world about the dangers of digital vaccine passports. These passports—digital apps on a smartphone that track a person’s vaccination status—are a grave danger to medical freedom and civil liberty.

We have shown how the seemingly innocuous technology behind digital health apps and passes can easily be transformed in a matter of minutes into a Western model of the Chinese Communist Party’s social credit system used for mass surveillance, tracking, control, and punishment. The digital medical passes are indeed a Gateway to Mass Surveillance.

Even as most areas are rolling back mandates—and people are enjoying more freedom—there is a growing willingness to enable these dangerous vaccine passport technologies, even in Republican-led states that had previously rejected mask and vaccine mandates. Now referred to as “SMART Health Passes” or other names, any app on your phone that tracks your vaccination status is indeed a vaccine passport, regardless of what it’s called.

These digital vaccine passports are not an innocent way to facilitate travel and open up society. Rather, they are the opposite. In the wrong hands, they can be a potent tool of mass surveillance and totalitarian control, through which citizens can be denied access to their bank accounts (as we saw in Canada), face job loss, be restricted from free association and travel, and censored on public platforms.

There is no time to waste. Take two minutes to ACT NOW TO STOP VACCINE SURVEILLANCE. Use our simple tool to send a strong message to your state and federal elected officials, especially if you live in one of the states mentioned above!

Don’t be fooled when these elected officials tell you it’s ‘not really a vaccine passport, it is just a digital health card’ etc. This is mere semantics. THEY KNOW the term vaccine passport is radioactive, so they’re calling it something else.


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