Support Education Savings Accounts

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Attention Parents, Guardians, Teachers, Educators, and Future Parents!

We're at a pivotal moment in Texas education, and the future of our students is at stake. Texas stands on the verge of making history by embracing school choice through education savings accounts. This is our chance to revolutionize education, providing parents and guardians with the means to choose the schools that align with their children's needs and dreams. Imagine a world where every child, regardless of where they live or their family's financial circumstances, can receive a top-quality education that nurtures their potential and sets them on a path to success. The time for change is now, and the urgency is apparent in the shocking educational statistics from 2022:
• Only 30% of Texas 4th-grade students scored proficient or above in reading.
• Texas Black 4th-grade students scored an average of 24 points lower in reading than White students.
• Texas Hispanic students lagged behind White students in reading scores by 24 points.
• Low-income students faced a 30-point gap in average scores compared to their middle- and high-income peers.

These numbers are a wake-up call. They remind us that we can no longer afford to let our students fall through the cracks of a system that fails to provide quality education. The educational landscape must transform, which begins with the passage of education savings accounts through SB 1. It is time for every member of the Texas Legislature to hear from Americans on this issue.

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