Tell Our Legislators that Sb 328 Should Be Reversed!!

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Parents, teachers, staff & students, let’s work together to stop late start and keep pushing to get life back to normal! California SB328 is a new law that will require middle schools to begin no earlier than 8 am and high schools to start regular classes after 8:30 am. This law intends to give teenagers more time to sleep but may cause more stress to their already demanding life as students.

Later starting times will:

-Complicate after-school student & staff commitments
Force student-athletes to miss more class time on game nights
-Decrease evening homework & study time
-Fail to prepare students for the responsibilities of college and work life.
-Impact parents work schedules
-Affect teachers who already work a busy schedule
-Strain understaffed campuses
-Complicate districts bus schedules & school traffic
-Cause elementary children to start earlier than ideal because of bus staff shortages
-It will cause parents unnecessary stress and impact them financially to find child care
A later start time does not ensure students sleep more hours and wake up rested. A better solution to insufficient sleep time is being more mindful of getting teenagers to bed earlier.

Please join us in stopping late-start for CVUSD and all California districts in 2022!