Tell SUNY Purchase to end its Mask Mandate

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On Tuesday, December 13th, SUNY Purchase reinstated an indoor mask mandate, citing high COVID-19 transmission in the area. It is the only Westchester County college and SUNY to reimpose a mask mandate.

According to NBC New York, College President Milagros Peña said that such a mandate appears necessary “so that we can end the semester healthy and well, and be able to send the students home to their families also healthy and well.” But study after study has shown that masks do nothing to keep us healthy, well-- or safe.

No College Mandates, Restore Childhood and Urgency of Normal launched this campaign so that you can add your voice to ours by urging Dr. Milagros Peña, the President of SUNY Purchase, NY Governor Kathy Hochul and other NY policymakers to reverse course and immediately drop the mask mandate. It is crucial that we send a strong message now, because we believe it is only a matter of time before the mandate spreads to other SUNYs, CUNYs and across NY state.

With a few minutes of your time, you can make a powerful impact. Please join us by signing this campaign to end the unjustified and unethical mask mandate at SUNY Purchase.

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Dear President Peña and SUNY Purchase COVID-19 Response Decision Makers:

Data over the course of the past 2+ years proves that mask mandates do nothing to keep us “healthy and well.”

Health and wellness are multidimensional. We cannot continue to deprioritize emotional, psychological, and social health – all of which are negatively impacted by masks.

Life cannot be reduced to viral avoidance, nor are we meant to live in a sterile, faceless environment. All people – especially young adults – need human connection. Masking makes communication extremely difficult for persons who are hearing, speech, or sensory impaired. Any educational institution claiming diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values must ensure that masking remains a choice – for all.

As such, we are deeply troubled by SUNY Purchase’s attempts to normalize masks. At this late stage of the pandemic, when every American has had an opportunity to be vaccinated and multi-boosted, it is unconscionable to require students and staff to continue to cover their faces.

Furthermore, masks were not intended to be used outside of a controlled clinical setting. Prior to 2020, the CDC did NOT recommend that the general public wear masks.

It should be noted that there is NO federal or statewide mask mandate. SUNY has taken it upon themselves to mandate a personal medical decision.

On Long Island, Nassau County Community College, also a SUNY, reimposed its mask mandate Friday, but, after intervention from municipal leaders. quickly reversed course and dubbed it an advisory – rather than a rule.

We urge you to immediately reverse course on your newly issued mask mandate. SUNY Purchase students and staff need – and deserve– normal right now.
"Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead