Tell the CDC: Men cannot “chestfeed” babies!

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We no longer disagree with the Left about policy. Today, we are fighting the government’s attempts to re-write fundamental reality.

The CDC is not operating on science, fact, or universal truths. With their latest moves, they are shattering any semblance of credibility they had left after COVID with a very skeptical public.

Recently, the CDC issued guidance for “chestfeeding” men to use drugs that will cause fluid secretion from their chests, including hormones and the pharmaceutical domperidone. From what we can tell, it appears that the protocol the CDC links to cites one case study about ONE man, and “many” anecdotes, with zero discussion of the effects on and risks to the baby.

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. (KS) is an obstetrician who practiced for over 25 years and helped deliver over 5,000 babies. According to Senator Marshall, domperidone is “risky and not legally approved or sold in the US.”

There is no telling what the side effects of this drug, and the hormones the men are also taking, will be on the babies forced to suck this drug-induced, hormone-tainted secretion out of men’s bodies.

The call to action today is clear. Send the following messages to all three federally elected officials: one to your Congressman and one to each of your United States Senators. First, the American people deserve answers and hearings on this issue must be held. Second, there must be a total house cleaning at the CDC. Politicized employees should be fired, safeguards should be erected to stop future politicization; there must be a deep and complete analysis of the politicization and bias at the CDC and then it must be rebuilt. Third, the CDC shouldn’t get another dime of taxpayer money until all of this occurs.

Finally, and for the record, “chestfeeding” is not a real concept. It is made up. The correct term is breastfeeding, and only biological, real women can do it. Period.