Tell the NY Times - Stop The Shameful Attack on the Thomases

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The New York Times has unleashed a hate-filled attack on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni in an attempt to marginalize the Justice’s leadership on the Supreme Court. The attack is textbook in its lies, distortions, omissions, and insinuations. They seek to undermine Justice Clarence and Ginni Thomas’s work and to delegitimize the Court and its decisions.

Justice Clarence Thomas is the most consequential conservative jurist in America. His intellect and dedication to follow the Constitution rather than legislate from the bench sets a standard that every judge and aspiring judge should follow.

Unfortunately, this scares the New York Times, because Justice Thomas is black, and apparently, in the narrow-minded view of the "pallid Lady," he cannot be a conservative.

This is why the Times has launched an unprecedented campaign of lies against Justice Thomas' wife, Ginni, claiming her personal beliefs and dedicated public policy work in some way influence Justice Thomas.

The Times purports to celebrate strong women and working couples, but this attack betrays that what it and other leftist mouthpieces truly care about above all else is political ideology and power. The Thomases work in separate lanes – one legal and one political. They share a love of country, liberty, and justice. These basic realities are never questioned or scrutinized when it comes to influential couples on the left. It’s a new feminist standard – If you are a strong, consequential, conservative woman who doesn’t agree with the Times, stay home and bake cookies. They are trying to negate Ginni’s lifetime of work for liberty.

While the Times does not let the truth get in the way of their frightened narrative, they also reveal their own bias. That a brilliant jurist, who rose to the bench from humble circumstances, does not have the power and ability to make difficult decisions without being told what to do by his wife. It is insulting. It is sexist. And at its core, it is racist.

If you agree The Times is wrong to be doing this, please take 60 seconds and click the Take Action Now button to speak out against the Mainstream Media's War on Clarence and Ginni Thomas. Thank you!
"We must rise above this noxious miasma and frame these facts truthfully, starting with the Thomases."