Texas Transactional Gold | NEXT STEPS - Special Session!!

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Actions Taken

URGENT: Key Texas Legislative Priorities Were Not Finished in the 88th Session. With over 8000 Bills our state legislators simply ran out of time to pass multiple key Bills, including Texas Transactional Currency (Gold and Silver.)

With almost 2.8 million actions for Texas Transactional Currency, successful hearings in the House and Senate, and broad bi-partisan support, we are moving forward with continued momentum!

A special session is expected to be called to finish the important business of Texas. TEXAS TRANSACTIONAL GOLD MUST BE INCLUDED IN GOV. ABBOTT'S KEY PRIORITIES!

Your support in reaching out to Gov. Abbott and your TX state representatives to keep this a top priority for the Special Session is important!


1. Register and your elected State Representative and Senator contact information will be provided.
2. Email and Call! This can be done in less than 3 minutes.

• Encourage your State Senator and House Representative to pass Texas Transactional Currency (Gold and Silver) if Gov. Abbott lists this on the Special Session Agenda.

3. Call the Gov. Abbott and make sure he includes Texas Transactional Currency (Gold and Silver) in the special session.

Please call Gov. Abbott at this number

Governor Greg Abbott: 512-463-2000

In two simple sentences., share something like:
1. I am calling to ask that Texas Transactional Gold and Silver be included in the anticipated Texas Special Session for a vote and final passage.
2. Let them know you are interested in Texas Transactional Currency and making use of the Texas Bullion Depository.

Texas can make it easy for the average American to own gold or silver and spend it when needed. Being able to easily own and transact silver and gold should not be just for the rich anymore.

Texas already has a Bullion Depository and by allowing the use of Texas Transactional Currency, average Americans can easily own gold and silver just like the wealthy do. ATMs made banking accessible to normal people. A Texas Transactional gold bill makes the Texas Bullion Depository accessible to everyone! This provides the choice of owning gold and silver plus provides an easy way to spend it when needed with a debit card. With other countries attacking the dollar, and central bank digital currencies launching in July, Texas Transactional Currency (Gold and Silver) is more important than ever. Texan's want to be able to diversify their money. Texas can lead the way!