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Sign “The American Sovereignty Declaration” and send a letter to your Congressional representatives asking that the USA exit the WHO. We make it simple, just “take action.”

Americans suffered terribly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over a million of us died – so many needlessly – because of the Sars-COV-2 Virus itself or because of the mandatory lockdowns, mRNA injections and other measures we were told were needed to prevent its spread. Countless others were physically or financially injured, as were our Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees.

This toll was taken in no small measure thanks to the machinations of a United Nations agency known as the World Health Organization (WHO). In recent years, the WHO has become an instrument substantially controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It is also greatly influenced by Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical industry, which have profited enormously from their involvement with and underwriting of the organization.

In particular, the WHO helped the CCP mislead the world about the origins, nature and optimal approach to responding to the virus. For example, it told us this disease did not come from a Chinese biological warfare laboratory, was not easily transmissible to humans, and could be contained by masks, lockdowns and inadequately tested “vaccines.”

Incredibly, despite this appalling track record, the Biden administration is among those now negotiating two agreements to give the World Health Organization expanded powers. These agreements may be passed by the WHO and imposed on the United States, subverting the Constitutional treaty process requiring Senate approval. Indeed, the U.S. Senate recently voted not to require these accords to be submitted for its approval.

That is all the more shocking and unacceptable since the proposed agreements would give the WHO and its Director–General the authority to declare public health emergencies – or even potential emergencies–within the United States, without U.S. consent. They would further empower the Director General to decide how we must respond, including forced vaccination, mask mandates, and lockdowns. These measures would be enforced through surveillance via vaccine passports or other digital health IDs and the censorship of dissenting views. Our national sovereignty to determine such matters will be surrendered. And our individual sovereignty to make personal health decisions with our doctor will be compromised, as well.

The only way to ensure that we are spared such fates is for the United States to withdraw from the World Health Organization before such new arrangements are formally adopted. To that end, we encourage you to write your congressional representatives urging that they ask Senate and House leadership to cut off U.S. funding for the WHO as a necessary first step towards America fully exiting from the organization at the earliest possible time.

To sign the declaration and authorize such a letter to be sent on your behalf, take action now.

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