VOTE NO on SB 866! My kid is NOT for sale!

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While a few of the horrendous CA bills that strip away medical freedom and parental rights have been paused or tabled, one of the worst --SB 866, which authorizes a minor 12 years of age or older to consent to vaccines, without parent knowledge or consent – is now going to an assembly floor vote.

- This bill would infringe on the sacred parent-child relationship. Neither the state nor medical personnel can replace the guidance and interests of parents.

- Children and teens lack the necessary maturity to make sound medical decisions and are generally more vulnerable to coercion than adults

There have plenty of examples already where kids were bribed with donuts and pizza parties in exchange for getting the vaccine at school without the parents' knowledge.

- S.B. 866 would allow authorities such as medical practitioners and school personnel, to be able to entice, pressure or coerce our children to take the shot, without regard to parental concerns, family medical history, and other medical contraindications, including prior reactions to vaccines that could cause injury and even death.

- S.B. 866 would authorize a “vaccine provider,” such as a clinic or licensed health facility to administer a vaccine to a 12-year-old child, and up, without parental knowledge or consent. And there is zero liability for the vaccine provider —leaving parents completely responsible for treatment of any injuries from adverse effects!

The vote to now it forward was close so now is the time to put pressure on those lawmakers who might think twice about voting yes because they are up for reelection and their constituents would not be happy if they moved the bill forward. Even if they abstained from voting, it is possible to kill this bill!

Take 60 seconds to flood the email boxes, voicemails, and social media feeds of the following lawmakers and keep the pressure on to vote NO! Our kids are NOT for sale!

Los Angeles County
- Blanca Rubio
- Laura Friedman
- Al Maratsuchi
- Lisa Calderon
- Adrin Nazarian
- Patrick O'Donnell
- Luz Rivas
- Jesse Gabriel
- Chris Holden

Ventura County
- Jacqui Irwin

Orange County
- Cottie Petrie-Norris
- Tom Daly (not running for re-election)

Kern & Kings Counties
- Rudy Salas

San Bernardino & Imperial Counties
- Freddie Rodriguez
- Eduardo Garcia
- James Ramos
- Eloise Gomez Reyes

Riverside County
- Sabrina Cervantes
- Jose Medina
- Chad Mayes

San Diego County
- Tasha Boerner Horvath
- Brian Maienschein

Contra Costa & Solano Counties
- Timothy Grayson
- Lori Wilson

Sacramento County
- Jim Cooper
- Ken Cooley

San Joaquin, Merced/Stanislaus & Fresno Counties
- Dr. Joaquin Arambula
- Carlos Villapudua

Monterey & Santa Clara Counties
- Robert Rivas