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I call upon you to take immediate action to prevent the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) from supplanting our Republic and its constitutional guarantees of unalienable and God-given rights.

That would be the effect of agreements that would give the W.H.O. essentially unchecked and unaccountable authority to dictate whether we have an actual pandemic or other health emergency and, if so, what we must do to respond.

The W.H.O. performed very poorly during the recent COVID pandemic, thanks in no small measure to the Chinese Communist Party’s dominance over the W.H.O. and its Director General. We must not be subject to its authority again – let alone if that authority is greatly expanded, ensuring there will be much more far-reaching, adverse and probably irreversible consequences. Only by removing the United States from the World Health Organization can that danger to our personal and national sovereignty be foreclosed.

President Biden’s impending need for Congress to approve an increase in the national Debt Ceiling should be conditioned upon securing the U.S. withdrawal from the World Health Organization now.

For more information, see the webinars at StopVaxPassports.org

Thank you!
"Unless the USA withdraws from the W.H.O., we will be bound by whatever a majority of its members agree upon, to the detriment of our national sovereignty and personal freedoms."