Latest Campaigns

STOP COVID-19 Vax Mandates for College Students

Tell University heads to STOP mandating the COVID-19 Vax

We are urging you to take action on this campaign because undoubtedly, the health and well-being of

Tell the CDC: Men cannot “chestfeed” babies!

The CDC is not operating on science, fact or universal truth

We no longer disagree with the Left about policy. Today, we are fighting the government’s attempts

Uniformed Leaders Must Restore, Not Ravage, our Military

No Marxist for JCS Chairman

The United States Senate will shortly vote on whether to confirm Air Force General Charles “C.Q.”

Protect Louisiana’s Children

Call for a Veto Override Session!

Governor John Bell Edwards has vetoed important bills that Louisiana needs! The Senate is the

Help the House Defund the W.H.O.

Urge the Appropriators to #ExitTheWHO

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is being used by the Chinese Communist Party, globalists and

Impeach Joe Biden

Investigations must begin immediately

UPDATE: For the entire month of August, members of Congress are home on recess. So, for the whole

Impeach Attorney General Merrick Garland

Stop the DOJ's election interference

What is the greatest threat to fair elections? These days, it is the abuse of power wielded by the

Protect Free Speech at ASU

ASU is choosing to shut down free speech on campus.

ASU is choosing to shut down free speech on campus.

The T.W. Lewis Center for

Remove Inappropriate Books From Queen Creek Library

7 Books in Childrens Section Promote LGBTQ+ Lifestyle to KID

We need to convince Queen Creek Library - which is operated by the Maricopa County Library District

CALIFORNIA: Stand Up Against Wireless Harms!

Take Action Now!

The rapid, uncontrolled, poorly-regulated expansion of wireless technology and infrastructure —

Prohibit Gender Transition Procedures on Minors in the USA

H.R. 3328 needs co-sponsors from Louisiana!

H.R. 3328 is a Bill to amend chapter 110 of title 18, United States Code, to prohibit gender

Target: Stop Targeting Our Kids!

Tell Target to Remove Trans-normalizing Products Now!

Target is the new Bud Light! Make sure they know their customers—YOU—are not okay with their