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Help Stop Sexual Grooming In Arizona Schools!

Sexually Explicit Material Doesn't Belong In AZ Schools!

Sign the Petition! Demand ASBA Force SUSD Greenburg Resign

Demand ASBA Force SUSD Greenburg Resign

Quarantining Healthy Children Leads to Learning Loss

Parents' make health care decisions for their children

Stop Over-Testing Our Children!

Tell the Chandler School Board to STOP giving EXTRA finals tests to our children!

Stop Indocrinating our children

We do not Co-Parent with the government

No Remote Learning

Do Not Close the Schools

Stop Teachers Unions from Pushing the Covid Vaccine Mandate.

Parents should have the right to choose.

Stop the Mandates

Let Our Elected Officials Know!

Tell Our Legislators that Sb 328 Should Be Reversed!!

Help us Let our Elected Officials Inboxes!

Defund the Arizona School Board Association

Tell the Senate to Support SB1011


Remove Carrie Buck from Presidency

Stop the Lowering of Vaccination Consent Age to 12+

SB866 in California must be stopped immediately!

Say No to SB-866 and Say No to adding the C-19 Vax to SB-871

Fight for Parental Rights and Medical Freedom.

Stop SB-871

Leave Our Children Alone!

Yes on K-12 Curriculum Transparency

Tell Your Legislators YES on SB1211

Normal school now!

Our children cannot wait

Make Masking Optional for Carlsbad Unified School Children

Follow the lead of RJUHSD, JAA, EDUHSD, SUSD, RUSD & more!

Let Parent's Decide!

Let Parents Decide what is best for the Children!

Kill The Numeracy Act SB 171

It will cost $92M and does not get rid of Common Core Math!

Defeat CA School Vax Mandates

NO on SB-871 and SB-866

No on SB 871

We oppose SB 871