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Advocates across America are being heard on issues they're passionate about.

Demand Poway Anti-K-12-Vax-Mandate Resolution Now!

Inaction by Poway's school board is NOT acceptable.

My Child, My Choice

Say NO to Bill A08378!

Urge Congress to listen to world renowned COVID experts.

Take Action! Panel Discussion -- COVID 19: A Second Opinion

ACTION ALERT! Ban Vaxx Mandates In AZ!

Stop AZ governments in their tracks! NO MORE MANDATES!

Cares Act Murders

Cares Act Harvesting lives of working & lower class

End the State of Emergency

End the State of Emergency and all Covid-19 Mandates

STOP Pfizer's EUA for COVID-19 vaccine for children under 5

Please vote No! No documented benefit for this age group.

Oppose SB866 - Minors Vaccine Consent

Oppose SB866 - Minors Vaccine Consent

Kern County Leaders for Honorable Governance

Citizens Request Strong Leadership

Please Take Action to Oppose SB 866!

Preserve Parents' Responsibility for Children's Medical History!

Let Parents Decide - Oppose SB871!

California Educators for Medical Freedom

Stop the National Patient ID

Prohibit Federal Funding for the Unique Patient Identifier

Take Action to Oppose SB 866

Speaking for our children

Let Parents Decide - Oppose SB871!

Please help us say NO to SB 871

We Oppose AB 1993!

Let's End mandates as a form of employment

Get US Senators to Co-Sponsor Vaccine Injury Comp Bill

Change CICP and VICP Funds to Include the C Vaccine Injured

COVID-19 Vaccine Injured Speak Out

Please help the COVID vaccine injured!

Stop Vaccine Passports - ACT NOW!

States Are Quietly Adopting Mass Digital Tracking & Control

Real Not Rare

I Am Vaccine Injured

Parents Are Watching

Stop the Authorization of the COVID Vaccine for Our Babies!

The CDC Has No Mandate Authority!

The CDC has no power to reimpose mask mandates.

BOYCOTT Biz Supporting Discrimination & Segregation-AB1797

AirBNB, Chevron, DoorDash & More Support CA Lawmakers/Bills